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Top Coffee Shops

Milford, Pennsylvania, with its picturesque surroundings and vibrant local scene, offers visitors and locals a delightful selection of coffee shops to relax, recharge, and relish. Whether you’re seeking a cozy corner to enjoy a book, a hearty brunch spot, or simply the perfect brew, Milford promises an exceptional coffee experience. Here are some top picks:

403 Broad Street: This historic brand paired with Starbucks coffee to offer the ultimate cafe experience. One of the long-standing favorites amongst Milford coffee-goers, you can come to 403 Broad Street for a brew, a bite, and a comfortable environment to relax or get some work done from our upscale lounge area. 

Betterworld: In the heart of Milford, Pennsylvania, lies a gem of a store that resonates with both its name and purpose: “BetterWorld.” Dedicated to curating products and experiences that align with sustainable, ethical, and community-driven values, BetterWorld is more than just a shopping destination—it’s a statement. As consumers become increasingly conscious of their purchasing decisions’ impact, BetterWorld provides a haven where quality meets responsibility. Every item on their shelves tells a story of craftsmanship, environmental consideration, and a vision for a brighter, better world. Next time you’re in Milford, make a stop at BetterWorld and be part of a shopping experience that truly makes a difference.

Cafe Wren: Cafe Wren emerges as a beloved spot for both locals and visitors. Its warm, rustic, ambiance, coupled with tasteful menu options, makes it the go-to place for a morning pick-me-up, or a leisurely afternoon. The cafe perfectly captures the essence of Milford’s charm, blending rich history with contemporary flavors. Whether you’re seeking a robust coffee, a gourmet treat, or just a quiet corner to unwind, Cafe Wren promises an experience that resonates with the soul of this picturesque town.

Daily Grind: The perfect place to grab your coffee on the go. The only “Drive Thru” coffee shop in the town of Milford is located inside the boutique “Old Lumberyard Shopps” complex. 

The Naked Bagel: The local family-owned deli serves fresh rolled bagels and in-house baked goods. Coffeegoers love this popular spot for their favorite bite and cup of joe.

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