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Historic Milford, PA

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Historic Milford, AP

The History of Milford

Milford, PA history is an essential part of our group’s story. One of the earliest examples of a planned community, Milford as we know it was born after the Revolutionary War by Judge John Biddis, who had purchased the land between the Sawkill and Vandermark Creeks. Biddis modeled the town’s layout after Philadelphia, the nation’s first capital; many of Milford’s streets are named after Biddis’ children, and its alleys after fruit trees and berry bushes found in the area. The thought and care put into the community’s initial design is still evident today, with expansive public squares and wide, shade-lined streets.


In addition to preserving much of the town’s beautiful 19th-century architecture, Milford is also home to the modern American Conservation Movement, which seeks to honor and conserve the rich natural resources of Pennsylvania for future generations. The movement’s work is evident everywhere in Milford, particularly in the natural splendor of the nearby parks and mountains. 

Milford Hospitality Group

A History of Milford Hospitality Group

A Milford local, William Rosado formed Milford Hospitality Group, in part, to bring the Tom Quick Inn back to its rightful place as a community centerpiece and historic site. After meticulously restoring the inn to its rightful place as one of the historic anchor buildings of Milford, Rosado reopened the doors in March of 2021 as a restaurant and inn, reclaiming its former glory. Since then, Milford Hospitality Group has taken on two additional properties with Hotel Fauchère and the soon-to-be-restored La Posada.

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