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Top 5 Outdoor Activities in Milford, Pennsylvania

Nestled in the heart of the Pocono Mountains and straddling the banks of the Delaware River, Milford, Pennsylvania, is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream. This picturesque town, with its natural beauty and diverse landscapes, offers a plethora of activities that promise to satiate the adventurer in you. Here are the top 5 outdoor activities to indulge in when in Milford:

  • Hiking at Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area: Stretching for miles and offering breathtaking vistas, the Delaware Water Gap is a hiker’s paradise. Trails vary in difficulty, ensuring both novices and seasoned hikers find a path that challenges and delights. The Raymondskill Falls Trail, leading to the tallest waterfall in Pennsylvania, is a particular favorite.
  • Rafting and Canoeing on the Delaware River: Glide through the calm waters of the Delaware River, soaking in the serene landscapes and occasional wildlife sightings. Rentals and guided tours are available for those looking to explore the river, making it an ideal activity for families and solo travelers alike.
  • Bird Watching at Milford Beach: A haven for bird enthusiasts, Milford Beach is frequented by a diverse array of avian species, especially during migratory seasons. Equipped with a pair of binoculars, visitors can enjoy hours spotting and identifying birds against the backdrop of the shimmering river.
  • Cycling the McDade Recreational Trail: Stretching for over 30 miles along the Delaware River, the McDade Recreational Trail offers cyclists a scenic journey through forests, past historic farm fields, and along the riverbanks. Suitable for all levels, it’s a delightful way to explore the region on two wheels.
  • Exploring the grounds of Grey Towers: Grey Towers, once the home of Gifford Pinchot, the first Chief of the US Forest Service and two-time Governor of Pennsylvania, stands as a beacon of history and conservation in Milford. Visitors to this national historic site are treated to a journey through time as they wander its beautifully landscaped gardens, admire the French Chateau-inspired architecture, and delve into stories of environmental stewardship. Each corner of the estate, from its iconic Finger Bowl water feature to the tranquil Bait Box, exudes a sense of purpose and legacy, making a stroll through the grounds of Grey Towers a must for history buffs, nature enthusiasts, and those seeking a serene escape Milford’s charm lies not just in its historic streets and boutique shops but in the vast expanse of nature that surrounds it. From leisurely walks to adrenaline-pumping adventures, this quaint Pennsylvania town ensures that every outdoor enthusiast leaves with cherished memories.

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