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Andy in nature

A collection of never before seen photographs of Andy Warhol by his personal friend and photographer Christopher Makos.

Andy In Nature will be re-opening in July 8th

About the event


Christopher Makos & Paul Solberg

Artists Christopher Makos and Paul Solberg, aka the “Hilton Brothers”, are pleased to announce a joint exhibition: ANDY IN NATURE. This unique exhibit features a selection of Makos’ photographs centered on an unexplored, yet rich dimension of Andy Warhol’s life–his relationship with natural world. These images will be exhibited alongside Paul Solberg’s well-known flower works. Their combined images bring a celebratory approach to the natural world that is made even more meaningful by the historic exhibition venue.
About Forester's Hall

Forest Hall is listed on the Historic National Register.

The original architectural drawings and blueprints are in the collection of the American Institute of Architects Foundation in Washington D.C. In conjunction with Grey Towers, Forest Hall is considered the birthplace of the Conservation movement in America. Hunt & Hunt, successor firm of Richard Morris Hunt, architect of many important buildings, including Biltmore and the base on which the Statue of Liberty stands, designed Forest Hall in 1903. In 1904, James Pinchot contracted E. S. Wolfe to construct Forest Hall to adjoin the 1880’s Gothic Revival building at the corner of Hartford and Broad Street, designed by Calvert Vaux, architect of the original façade of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. ​ Built in the French Normandy style, Forest Hall was intended for use by commercial shops on the first floor, and for classrooms for Yale University’s Forest School as well as a meeting place for fraternal organizations on the upper floors.

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