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Milford Readers & Writers Festival

September 16-18

Building on the tradition of storytelling and the participatory energy of book clubs, The Milford Readers and Writers Festival invites readers to share their thoughts with the authors and aims to inspire conversations between people who love to read books and people who write them. Check out their schedule of events at

2022 Septemberfest

September 24

Milford is committed to keeping the music going — that’s why they added another borough-wide music festival in September. It’s the Milford Music Festival’s little brother… just as big, but not as old. Come out and enjoy a day filled with fun and music!

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Employee Spotlight

Meet Chef Emery, our newest addition to the Tom Quick Inn. Emery is a Milford native and is bringing 10 years of culinary experience to the Tom Quick Inn.

Emery’s passion for cooking
began at the young age of 7, when
his love for eating food grew into
a love for cooking food with the
help of his aunt Deanna.

Emery says, “I always loved to watch her cook. Anytime I would go over her house I’d always ask to help her, and anytime I wanted to cook something she would get me the ingredients, let me work with them, and create what I wanted. She always wanted me to own my own restaurant one day and help me make my dreams come true.”

Emery is putting his all into the Tom Quick Inn and wants to see it succeed and transform into the greatest restaurant he knows it can be.

“I’ve lived here for 14 years of my life; I’ve made a lot of great friends from school and working in local restaurants. And that’s what is most important to me about working locally – I get to deliver great food that puts a smile on the faces of all the people who have put a smile on mine over the years.”

We’re so glad to have you, Chef
Emery! Welcome!

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Exciting Beginnings for The Tom Quick Inn

The Tom Quick Inn has seen its fair share of relaunches over the past few years, but this time is quite different. With a combination of hands-on training and coaching, new and locally sourced ingredients, and an incredibly skilled executive chef consultant, the Tom Quick Inn is in for a whole new look — and taste.

Chef Consultant Bobby Varua has joined the Tom Quick Inn during this transitional phase to lead our young, ambitious team and help coach, train, and rebrand the Tom Quick Inn as a top spot for an upscale dining experience right here in Milford Pennsylvania.

A graduate of The Art Institute of New York, Bobby has had the opportunity to work at some of New York City’s most acclaimed restaurants alongside French born, 3 star Michelin chef, Claude Troisgros. After twenty-plus years in his industry, much success and numerous awards for his culinary accomplishments, Chef Bobby is excited to guide the team at the Tom Quick Inn and bring this historic restaurant back to life.

The Tom Quick Inn will close its restaurant September 5 through September 14 in preparation for the grand reopening on Thursday, September 15. Thanks to the help of Chef Bobby Varua and the incredible dedication from the whole staff, these chefs are eager to show off their new skills — and delicious food — to the community.

“Andy in Nature” Exhibit Coming to Forest Hall September 23 through October 23

The exhibit will feature a selection of Christopher Makos’s photographs centered on an unexplored, yet rich dimension of Andy Warhol’s life–his relationship with natural world—and be exhibited alongside Paul Solberg’s well-known flower works.

Their combined work brings a celebratory approach to the natural world that is made even more meaningful by the historic exhibition venue. Forest Hall is an iconic, architecturally important 19th century bluestone building in the heart of Milford, Pennsylvania, which is known as the birth-place of the American Conservation Movement.

Christopher Makos was a close friend to and an important influence on Andy Warhol in the 1970s and 1980s. His work documenting the eclectic world surrounding the “Factory”, and the vibrant New York social scene of that era, have been featured in scores of exhibitions, documentaries and publications.

The “Andy in Nature” exhibition kicks off with a VIP preview event on Friday, September 23 and will remain open to the public until October 23.

andy in nature cover

Forest Hall | 214 Broad Street, Milford Pennsylvania

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